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What material do you use in the thebasicb collection?

Thebasicb collection are super soft, supportive maternity bras made of low impact materials that are eco-friendly. Our eco-conscious jersey bamboo fabric is stronger than cotton alternatives and twice as soft, while providing temperature control and better absorption than regular bras. Jersey bamboo is additionally considered one of the most eco-friendly fibers in the world due to its resilience and fast-growing nature, with little human intervention, no chemicals or pesticides.

Why is thebasicb collection so great for pregnancy and motherhood?

Thebasicb collection has been designed and developed to ensure that you don't have to compromise daily routine or comfort.

Our jersey bamboo material offers many benefits including its antibacterial and quick drying properties that help eliminate odor, while absorbing sweat and keeping you dry.

Bamboo is also considered thermoregulating, which means it helps to regulate your core temperature better than some fabrics, assisting you to keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

While keeping you cool or warm, dry and smelling great, it also offers greater stretch than cotton, allowing the bra to grow with your changing body.

Can I buy thebasicb collection in store?

Thebasicb is currently only available online to purchase directly through our website.

Where is thebasicb based?

Thebasicb is proudly New Zealand owned and we operate from beautiful Te Tai Tokerau, Northland, New Zealand.

Why is there no padding in thebasicb bra collection?

Because your breasts can be very tender as your milk begins to come in and it is not uncommon to go up 2 or more cup sizes, we believe it is more comfortable to offer a non padded bra.

Why isn't the bra panel tight?

As it is not uncommon to go up 2 or more cup sizes during breastfeeding as your milk supply changes, thebasicb collection uses a loose panel to make it easier for the baby to latch and to aid in simple, discreet feeding.

How is thebasicb collection packaged?

Thebasicb is conveniently sent to you in a reusable wash bag that is great for keeping your bras and delicates clean, tangle free and protected during the washing cycle.

Each bra and wash bag is then placed within a plastic free post bag, derived from 100% compostable plant material.

How should I care for my maternity bra?

We recommend washing your bra within the complimentary wash bag that it arrives in to protect it and your other intimates while being washed in your washing machine. This helps to protect the material from catching within the wash cycle, which prolongs the lifespan of your bra.

The bra should be washed on a cold wash and air dried. We do not recommend soaking or tumble drying the bra as this could shorten the lifespan of your product.

When should I buy a maternity bra?

It is often a personal choice and it is important to note that no two women will ever experience the exact same body changes during pregnancy. However, most women tend to begin looking for a maternity bra during the second or third trimester when your normal bras start feeling tight and uncomfortable as your rib cage begins to expand to allow for your growing baby bump.

Some women may also consider buying a maternity bra much sooner if they experience fuller and tender breasts within the first trimester.

Do maternity bras grow with you?

Unlike traditional nursing bras that use underwire and cup sizing, thebasicb collection is available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. This sizing structure and our use of jersey bamboo fabric with 10% spandex, allows for changes in your breast size, which is common during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Do you buy maternity bras in your normal size?

Thebasicb collection uses simple sizing that can be found within our size guide. We recommend buying your bra in your singlet size, but please see the guide for assistance or get in touch.

Maternity bra and nursing bra difference?

Originally, maternity and nursing bras offered women two different functions. A maternity bra was for wearing during your pregnancy, usually starting around the second or third trimester, whereas a nursing bra was designed only for breastfeeding.

Now, it is common to have a maternity bra that also offers the functionality of a nursing bra.

That is exactly what we offer in thebasicb collection. All the comfort of a maternity bra with the added bonus of being able to nurse. Thebasicb collection is designed to grow and change with your blossoming body.

Can you wear a maternity bra when you're not pregnant?

Absolutely, of course you can wear a maternity or nursing bra when you're not pregnant. Thebasicb collection is super soft, supportive and great for low impact activities and everyday wear - why wouldn't you want to wear it?