The kerikeri designed nursing bra that's hoping to revolutionize the way women breastfeed

The kerikeri designed nursing bra that's hoping to revolutionize the way women breastfeed

If you are a mother, with your hands full of kids, keys and various bags, then welcome to the club. Being a parent is busy work, especially when you've got to juggle breastfeeding, pumping and maternity bras. For most kiwi women, finding a nursing bra is much harder than you’d think and most will agree to owning at least one uncomfortable or ill-fitting maternity bra that interferes in the process of breastfeeding their child.

Kerikeri mother of two and owner of thebasicb, Megan Read, has been through it all when it comes to breastfeeding. When she was pregnant with her first child, Havana, in 2018, she discovered that the most popular maternity and nursing bras out there were more designed for aesthetics than true functionality. With designs full of fiddly clips, padding, cups and wires, there were no real alternatives for busy mothers who wanted simplicity and to remain practical while sticking to their daily routines. With this personal experience in mind, it soon became the driving force to start up her own business with a new approach and way of thinking about maternity wear.

After four years designing and developing her own unique maternity collection to suit the lifestyles of today's busy and active kiwi woman, Megan is ready to launch her Kerikeri based company, thebasicb to market. Looking to offer something different, thebasicb collection has been designed on the idea that a nursing bra is not just an item of clothing; but a key part of a lifestyle choice that can be with women throughout their pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding journey.

With breastfeeding rates in New Zealand on the decline since 2012, according to breastfeeding data from NZBA. Megan hopes that her brand will help new mothers nurse with a hassle-free bra designed to fit and feel great during the pregnancy and nursing period.

When it really comes down to it, finding a good nursing bra is a right of passage for any new or expecting mother. From a functionality point of view thebasicb collection ticks all the boxes for busy mums. By eliminating the need for clips, wires and cups, it’s a practical solution for one of the biggest complaints that women have during pregnancy and breastfeeding - finding comfortable and supportive nursing products.

Thebasicb is set out to change the current maternity and nursing bra status quo with designs that are simple, comfortable and practical, much like the needs of all parents. With great reviews already behind her, Megan is excited to see what the future holds for her Kerikeri based business.

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