Teething- what to expect and how to navigate it

Teething- what to expect and how to navigate it

Is your little one within the teething age range (4-12 months), and not seeming like their usual sweet self? If yes, then keep reading! 

Quick fact, and myth about teething

FACT- the main symptom of teething is drooling and rubbing the gums

MYTH- teething causes fever, diarrhea, or runny noses

Blaming teething for fevers, diarrhea and runny noses can delay parents from seeking appropriate medical advice to treat infections such as ear infections, urinary tract infections, or other illnesses that are causing their baby pain. So if your baby is unwell, take them to the GP!

A sudden change in your babies temperament and habits can be very stressful. Often this is what will happen when they begin to teeth.

You have most likely just started to feel settled into somewhat of a routine with your baby around month 4 or 5. You probably have a really good idea of how many feeds they need during their wake periods, how many naps a day they have and at what times, and you may even be getting more sleep at night, with less night wakes- if your lucky!

Then out of the blue, baby will seem unsettled, clingy, whingy, more wakeful, have disrupted feeding and may be more sensitive to their environment- like siblings being loud or visitors, or the general busyness of the household.

It can feel like a very uncertain time for parents, and can be overwhelming trying to work out what your baby needs to feel comfortable.

The best thing you can do is to just accept that its going to be a little bit hard for a little while, but most of the time your baby will return to their normal habits and temperament after the period of teething or a developmental stage has passed.

(And just as I'm writing this my little one whose 5 months old, has woken up from a serial cat nap!)

Your little one will want to be comforted more, so opt for some contact naps if this means you and baby will get a longer sleep. 

Ask a friend or family member to give you a hand so that you can look after yourself and eat 3 good meals a day, drink lots of water (and coffee) and have a nap if you can. The other thing I have found really helpful, is setting some boundaries with your family or people you live with. This can help take some of the stress and worries off you. A really simple one, and a great boundary if you have other kids, is to ask your partner or whoever else is caring for them, to not let them run into the room while you and baby are sleeping or settling.

There are of course lots of products that can help sooth and comfort your baby so I have listed all of my favorites below.

Remember, you are all that your baby needs, and you are doing an amazing job!

Teethmed relief spray for babies 

Mushroom teether toys (pop in the freezer so they're nice and cold on babies gums)

Teethy roll on by cle naturals

Silicone breast milk freezer tray (freeze some breast milk for baby to have a milk-pop) Temu has heaps of  cheap ones!

Haakaa fresh food feeder (great for frozen things for younger babies to suck on safely)

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