Preparing for a home birth

Preparing for a home birth

Having recently had a planned home birth of my own, I thought it would be helpful for others mums considering a home birth if I did a little "what to expect" blog.

First of all, it is very helpful to have somewhat of a "birth plan". Now this doesn't have to be a hugely in-depth, hour by hour plan. Just think of the things that you will likely want, and not want, during your labor and birth. Because during labor it can be very hectic, you might not get the chance to communicate your wants and needs in the moment. Instead have it written down, so that your birth partner and support people including your midwife can clearly refer to it if they need to. Even if its dot points! My plan included things like

  • delayed cord clamping
  • permission for my support people to take photos and videos without asking me during labor and birth (except any vomiting or toilet pics)
  • my husband and daughter to catch baby, and cut the cord
  • permission for massages during contractions

Have a basket (or I used a little 3 tier kmart trolley on wheels) that has all your birth essentials in it. Let everyone who is going to be at your birth know where the trolley is, and what it contains so they don't having to ask you questions while your focusing on your contractions, and they don't have to go looking through the house searching for stuff. My trolley included

  • towels (some for mum and mess, and a soft one for baby)
  • massage oil and essential oil roller. I used the natures touch ones and they were amazing and smelt great (link at end of blog)
  • disposable vomit bags
  • birthing comb to squeeze during contractions
  • container for the placenta
  • babies first outfit including nappy 
  • mini diffuser with essential oil blend
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • birth affirmation cards
  • underwear and pads for mum to put on after birth
  • candles and lighter
  • heat pack
  • muka cord tie
  • TENS machine unit
  • claw clip and spare hair ties

Also having everything you'll need handy by you, means you won't need to move very far after baby is born, and can enjoy your skin to skin time, and first breastfeed.

Be prepared for things to get messy! I ended up having my waters broken, and birthing my baby on our couch! The midwives are really good at trying to get plenty of towels and sheets down to cover things like couches and rugs. The midwives will also likely supply a bag of linen, and towels for you, and will take them away after the birth so you have less washing and mess to clean up.

Have plenty of cold water handy, or powerade, and some snacks you think you might like to eat. Ice blocks and fresh fruit are good ones!

If you have other children, like me, then have a support person whose role is to care for the other children while you are in labor. I had my mum, and my husband.

Something else to think about is your privacy while you are having your homebirth. If you think it is likely that anyone (friends, family, courier, employees) might stop in to visit randomly or unannounced, then it's a great idea to let these people know you are expecting to have your baby soon, and to please stay away for a couple of weeks, or to text or call before stopping by! Our courier turned up while I was in the birthing pool!

I will provide the links to some of the products I found really useful below!

Home birthing can be an incredibly powerful and healing experience, and I hope this helps you if you are considering or have planned a home birth!

Happy home birthing!

Links to products

Also a lot of the products I used came from Temu! So defiantly check the app out for cheaper stuff like the disposable vomit bags, soft towel for baby, postpartum peri wash bottle!

Megan xx



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