A quick list of what NOT to leave lying around the house for busy little hands

A quick list of what NOT to leave lying around the house for busy little hands

As a mum to 2 kids, with 5 and a half years combined experience being a parent, I've realized there are a few things that you just don't leave lying around for busy little hands. And I'm not talking about the usual safety precautions!

When we packed up our Christmas tree last year and took it to storage, I couldn't find my phone anywhere for the rest of the day and night! I looked in all the usual spots, under the coach, in the toy baskets, in the toilet (just in case), in the washing baskets, and couldn't find it. We tried ringing it but it went straight to voicemail. My husband said "Ryder (my 1 year old son) was dropping stuff in the Christmas tree box when we were packing it up I wonder if he dropped it in there?" Well I went straight to the storage unit the next day, opened up the box and ta-da! There it was!

So first on my list of things not to leave freely lying around is

- phone

- wallet/handbag ( I've lost multiple cards in the house and in my car when they have all been pulled out and thrown around)

- shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, expensive face wash (my whole $49 skin smith face cleanser went into the bath as bubble bath more than once)

- car keys

- sanitary pads (my daughter always finds these and if she can and unwraps every single one and sticks them all up her arms and legs like amour)

- this makes me cringe, but dildos!! Yes this has happened to me!

- the toilet cleaning brush

- tissues/ baby wipes

This is probably not as common because most parents are probably smarter than me and keep their sauces and oils in a high pantry, but my daughter got the bottle of sesame oil once and tipped the whole bottle out on her bedside table and used her hands to smear it everywhere!

Ah, the joys of parenting! 

Anyway, if you have a toddler or child now is the time to secure at least the things on this list to help make life a little bit less stressful!

Megan xx

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